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This area was designed as a resource for real estate appraisal professionals. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Appraiser Resource Sharing
As many real estate appraisers know, communication within our profession is often lacking. JML Appraisal Services believes that the integrity of the appraisal industry depends on working together instead of against one another. Therefore, we encourage like-minded firms and individuals to share their thoughts and ideas not only with us but other organizations as well. Some issues are often best solved by another’s perspective or experience and answers are often just a phone call away.

JML Appraisal Services is not currently hiring at this time due to adequate staffing, however inquiries are welcome at any time as we review and file resumes for future reference.

Due to our primary expertise in the lending field, we do prefer Minnesota Licensed or Certified Appraisers though inquiries from Trainee Appraisers are also welcome.

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From time to time, we are contacted by a client who would like to request services outside of our coverage area or which is in another specialized field of expertise. On such occasions we make referrals from a network of associates who share our dedication to quality and professional ethics. Some examples might be General Licensees who specialize in commercial valuation, residential appraisers in other regions or even other related industries like home inspection and realtors.

Those interested in becoming part of our referral database should contact us with general information about your services, qualifications and contact information. JML Appraisal Services would also like to be part of any referral network your organization may have, so please notify us if this is of interest.

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